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Get your first users!

You know how hard it is to find your first 10 users!

I do too! I've done it many times over the last 20 years, so I've built up the connections and experience to be confident I can do it for you.

What do you do?

I'll get 10 real people from your target customer base interested in using your product, willing to tell you why they are or aren't going to become customers.

How long does it take?

It really depends on your target customer base. It's usually one to two weeks, but please allow up to 30 days for me to find them. If I can't by that time, I'll fully refund you.

What if you can't?

I'm confident I will. If I can't in 30 days, I'll fully refund you.

How does it work?

I basically am involved in many communities and know many people. I'll leverage that to try and find the right people for you.
I don't use mainstream social media like Facebook, Twitter / X, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. You're welcome to try that for yourself.
I also don't spam people nor have email lists. I might also reject finding users for you at my own volition, and will fully refund you.

How much is it? Pricing?

It's $199 for the first 10 users. Simple.